Beyond borders band (de/tun)

Oriental Jazz

Line Up:
Fadhel Boubaker // oud
Niko Seibold // alto and soprano saxophone
Jonathan Sell // double bass
Dominik Fürstberger // drums

Latest release: “It Just Happens“ on 26. October 2018


"Crossing borders requires courage, creativity and openness for a new form of composition. The four members of the Beyond Borders Band are united in the dream to overcome borders. They break through cultural boundaries and connect the Arabic and the Western world with the help of their music. Their unique melodies of Arabic and European tradition are accompanied by rhythms on the pulse of time. They create a sensually ambitious, literally unheard-of masterpiece that resolves the borders of Orient and Occident. Every single musician’s free evolvement offers the possibility of an unrestricted musical communication and presents to the audience: music without borders." - Rebecca Richter, Mannheimer Morgen 18.04.2015

Photo by  Thorsten Redler



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