Hila Puntur (CH)

Electro-Acoustic / Avant-Pop / Jazz

Line Up:
Anna Hirsch - voice / composition
Michael Anklin - electronics
Fabian Willmann - tenorsax.
Garðar Eðvaldsson - tenorsax.
Stephan Plecher - synth. / piano
Victor Rossé - bass
Michael Heidepriem - drums

Hila Puntur experiments with the connection between multi-faceted avant-pop, free improvisation, electronics and acoustics. This is interwoven with rhythmic elements, delicate soundscapes, symmetric and asymmetric harmonies and loving/simple songs. Thus, Basel's seven person formation is embracing all their ideas and building a sound collage that entrances the listener with its intensive colours and structures, letting their audiences dive into an acoustic bath of this new type of music.

Latest release: Plastic Polaroid, June 14th 2019



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