Photo by Arne Wiedemann

Photo by Arne Wiedemann

Minua (DE/IS)

Electro-Acoustic / Impro / Ambient / Folk / Classical

Line Up:
Fabian Willmann // bass clarinet
Luca Aaron // electric guitar
Kristinn Smári Kristinsson // electric guitar


MINUAs music presents itself in constant alteration, always searching for a manifestation of this subtle beauty that could hide itself in a seemingly unimportant detail. Inspired by renaissance and impressionism, nordic folklore and chamber music, jazz and avant-garde, the musicians act as one unit, dedicating themselves to the collective sound. The borders between improvisation and composition lose their relevance while the only focus lies on the flow of the music. In interaction with the room and the audience their music creates sound-poems, moments in time that are fugacious and impossible to reproduce, therefore leaving a permanent impression.

“The instrumentation of Minua is unique and their sound evokes a mood that one can easily get lost in. Their use of balance, space, and almost constant melodic improvising is intriguing as well very beautiful. What I admire most about Minua is their patience to allow their songs and compositions to unfold in very flowing rubato feel but at the same time holding the listener captive with an almost imperceptible intensity.” - Jim Black

Photo by Laura Schenk

Photo by Laura Schenk



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